A room of one's own

Hello lovelies,
I have been wanting to post a 'tour' of my room for quite a while now; as I thoroughly enjoy gaining inspiration from the many room tour posts found throughout the blogosphere, I hoped that you could also gain some inspiration from seeing little peeks into my humble abode! I would describe my room as shabby-chic above all else- a number of features that make my room so special to me were painted/created by my lovely artistic mother! I just love having a variety of aesthetic visuals to keep me inspired, especially since I have spent a large majority of this year in my room due to the demands of year twelve!
1. A peek inside my wardrobe and my favourite dresses. Honestly though, the rest of my wardrobe isn't too spectacular; it depicts something like a jumble sale the majority of time
2. I keep my makeup and perfumes on a white decorative tray atop my chest of draws. 
3. A beautiful Parisian style mirror draped with jewely hangs above my chest of drawers and then opposite I hang my flower 'crown' so the wall doesn't look too bare
4. I keep all my Lush and bath products in a darling ornamental bird cage-I think it is the cutest thing
5. A painting (by my mum) that hangs above my bed
6. An overview of my bed. To the left I have a hand painted bag rack where I also display cute little ornaments 
7. Another of my favourite paintings
8. An overview of my desk area. A few things that I like include my inspiration board where I pin a few of my watercolour art works, two masks that were purchased in Venice, the bunch of dried lavender that I keep in a glass jug, an old doll from my childhood, the stack of Lula magazines with my favourite box of recipes from Lauduree sitting on top and a hand painted box to store treasures in. As you can see, at the time I took this picture I was keeping up to date with Valeria's latest blog post on Gilded Butterflies!
9. The 'chandelier' style lights that hang in the centre of my room

xx Carina


  1. Your room!! I'm so incredibly speechless right now at how beautiful it is. I love your perfume collection, mirror desk and EVERYTHING. This is lovely Carina, just lovely <3
    xxx Maria

  2. It looks like a girl's dream room *cries* so beautiful! You made it look so lovely, just like you ♡

    ♡ ines xo

  3. thankyou so much for your sweet comment! Ah, succes with your last test!

  4. Lovely photos & blog! Hope you have a lovely day xx


  5. Such a gorgeous room. I have nominated you for a Liebster award, it's a great way to network your blog so please check it out. http://briespetiteworld.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/bries-petite-world-has-received.html

  6. I always like seeing other's rooms, so inspirational! i love your mirror

  7. These are so pretty!!