Things to read, clothes to wear, movies to watch and places to dream about

I have officially finished all of my mock exams and the good news is I didn't even fail any-always a plus! So obviously my life hasn't been very exciting of late, although I did just want to compile this post with photos of little things that have kept me happy.

1.) A new pair of wonderful Mary Janes bought for my graduation dinner
2.)  Dreaming about fanciful things such as Paris and lavenderfields in the spring
3.) Fawning over the latest issue of Lula Magazine (my favourite article of course would have to be about Clemence Posey and Shakespeare and Co. bookshop)
4.) A recently thrifted blouse picked up at the markets
5.) Happiness is Wish magazine. I was so glad I decided to buy it, it is one of the most marvelous magazines I have had the pleasure of reading
6.) Watched the BBC movie Toast the other day. It was simply beautiful (photo credit: ghostsailors)
7.) My collection of Beatrix Potters Tales continue to grow, and so does my love for the timeless childrens classics

I have technically graduated from high school (and enjoyed a marvelous grad dinner on Sunday spent with the most amazing people, leaving me wondering where on earth five years of schooling went) but I still have one last long haul of five external exams which are required for university entrance. Here's hoping I remain calm and sane! I'll be heading off to Melbourne at the end of it all so the prospects of indulging in bakeries (such as this one), shopping trips, exploring the city and what not is keeping me going.

I hope you have all been well and had an eventful October! I am jealous of those who are experiencing Autumn right now.
P.S I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me doing a 'room' tour post sometime? I for one love gaining inspiration from seeing the humble abode of fellow bloggers.


  1. Carina you should most definitely do a room tour post! I'd really love to see your bedroom. I'm moving soon so I need inspiration for my new one :)
    These pictures are beautiful! I'm really tempted to buy Wish magazine... is it worth it?
    I'd also love to read the new Lula... it looks lovely. I'm so glad your exams are over so you can post a bit more, I do adore your blog post so much
    xoxo Maria

  2. Well done on the exams my dear! what lovely photos, I also bought Wish, I need to get my hands on the new Lula though! And most definitely do a room tour, I think we'd all like to see that <3 xx

  3. oh those shoes are so pretty! i've bought a similar pair a few days ago.
    lovely post, it was nice to read it :3

  4. where did u get ur mary janes from???

  5. just wanted to say hi and that i love your shoes! where did you buy them?

  6. Hey girl!
    Thank you for your comment :)
    I'm definitely going to buy this book.

    And i totally love those images above :)

    Hope you have a lovely sunday!
    xx, Sarah <3

  7. Best of luck with your exams! I've never heard of Wish magazine, but it looks awesome! I'm going to look into it!


  8. Oh, you have the most wonderful blog! The images above are so lovely, I too am a little bit in love with Wish magazine :)
    Congratulations on graduating and the best of luck with your exams, you will do just great! :) xxx

  9. lovely, lovely photos dear! i have never heard of wish magazine, but i'm in need of new ones.. so i'll check it out! and i also love the wallpaper in your room!

    lindsey louise

  10. Amazing photos, your blog is so cute I've just found it and so impressed!!

    Your newest follower, hope you can check mine out and follow back!

    xox Kelly

  11. ah pretty things. :')

  12. I wish I had that wish book :(