Just a quick post for today. I found creating this little set on Polyvore quite fun!
1. I would like to spend my day on a boat at some deserted lake, wearing a floral crown and sun dress. I would spend the day reading, lazing about, counting the clouds and taking analog photos of the wildlife
2. Either Gemma Arterton or Elle Fanning; they're both stunning
3. Bruschetta is one of my favorite foods! Also, anything from Laduree and hot chocolate (and I mean real coveture hot chocolate mmm)
4. I'm always torn between my ideal home. In the end it comes down to an apartment in Paris, a seaside cottage or a cottage on the outskirts of town or in the forest. (The image pictured is actually a fairy house...even better I say!)

I would love to hear of your 'dreams'!

xx Carina


  1. This is such a beautiful idea Carina! I love the who whimsicality of it also. And, I too would love to live in an enchanting little cottage (much like the one in Disney's Sleeping Beauty). I adore Elle Fanning too, she is real, down to earth and so easy to relate to!
    I'm so, so glad you liked my letter and received it in good time! My hand-writing is quite illegible so I hope you didn't have too much trouble reading it :)
    xo Maria

  2. P.s: I just realised the craziest thing, I haven't been following you all this time, but though I had since your name was on my sidebar! Silly me, you now have a new follower :) xx

  3. I love this set! I would love to live in an apartment in Paris - that would be wonderful. I think my ideal place to live would be in a beautiful cottage in Russia. I've always loved Russian culture. Lovely post, :) xx

  4. absolutly beautiful selection, such a lovely whimsical feel!

    As for the questions: I would like to spend a day running around in the rain with someone I love or wandering the halls of a desserted museum.
    I would dream of dark hair and piecing brown eyes,like a russian ballet dancer of the ballet russe.
    I would eat dark chocolate and drink lemon, lime and bitters ( the non-alcholic kind of course)and I would live in a loft in old Amsterdam.

  5. Sweet, sweet Carina!
    Thank you so much for your visit & your words!
    Have a wonderful sunday, dear.

  6. I like practically all your choices, particularly Gemma Arterton and the Bruschetta (I'm italian and I adoree it!xD)
    I'm following you,it would be great if we can follow each other cause I really really like your blog (:

  7. What a beautiful post! I would so love a little cottage by the sea too. And you're beautiful as you are, you don't need to look like those two :) xx

  8. I just spent entirely too much time on Polyvore after reading this post! A lovely post!

  9. i love this.

    i wouldn't even know where to begin.
    i would love a little cottage by the seaside, but i would also love to build my own house one day in the middle of nowhere, by a lake, with lots of windows.

    lovely ideas.

  10. This is an impossibly perfect list, dearest C, to the extent that my heart is breaking a little because it isn't real. But one day it will be! The only other things I can add are a typewriter, for writing stories all day, a rich and gooey chocolate cake, for indulgent tea parties, and a little cabin on a snowy mountain, because I've dreamt of it all my life. x

  11. I adore the way you think darling.

    I would like to spend my day in a meadow with a boy. He would play the banjo and I would sing.

    If I could look however I chose, I'd be more fair-skinned and with big green eyes like my parents'.

    I would drink pink champagne and eat chocolate chip cookies.

    I'd love to live in an old Southern home in Nashville.


  12. This is so cute, I agree that Elle Fanning is a stunner, and its so hard to decide on just one dream home. your paris idea sounds amazing x

  13. I love that fiary house it is so cute! I also agree about being unable to chose a dream house there are so many good places to choose from! I've nominated you for a versatile blogger award eeeek! http://lifeandtimesof-becca.blogspot.com/2012/01/versatile-blogger-award.html

  14. Beautiful post and cute pictures. :)

    Lovely greetz from germany.


  15. Your response to #1 is so wonderful and dreamy, i can totally picture myself doing that too! Great post idea!

  16. what a sweet post....i would like to spend my day like yours, that sounds lovely! i would look like Zooey Deschanel and live in a gorgeous loft apartment in new york :) x