A place I like to go with my family is a little tea room called Culley’s. Culley’s isn’t your trendy, run of the mill café, it is infact something special. It is located in Fremantle, and has been running for over eighty years. It is ‘ordinary’ and has no frills but this is a good thing. The interior is classic, with historic photographs of Fremantle in the early days hanging on the walls. Most importantly, everything is home baked and the food is sincere. Nothing fancy is on the menu, just traditional and delicious English food. My favourite thing to indulge in is their Devonshire teas in which the fluffy scones always come fresh out of the oven when I visit for morning tea.

To me, Culley’s isn’t just a café. It is a place of tradition, I’ve been going there for as long as I can remember and because of this, it brings childhood nostalgia as I reminisce about happy memories.
I apologise for my absence on my blog. I felt like writing a short piece about one of my favourite cafes, as I had many morning teas there on the holidays. I will miss going there every Saturday, I have art classes in the morning now.

I was tagged quite a while ago by whoop it up with the versitile blog award, and I’m so flattered. Here are seven things about myself.

1. I am a very shy person, unless I am with my closest friends.
2. I am obssessed with baking. My forte is cupcakes, but right now I'm attempting perfecting the art of the macaron.
3. I enjoy painting, and it was only just in the last year that I fell in love with watercolours. I think they are so magical the way the colours blend, making them dreamy and so beautiful.
4. I'm a perfectionist, which is quite unfortunate sometimes.
6. The idea of travelling out to sea has always fascinated and frightened me
7. I'm a lost soul, remeniscer and dreamer

I tag these three lovely blogs:

P.S I finished my lace top and skirt. I'd love to show you all some photos soon


  1. That place looks wonderful- it's lovely you have so many fond and precious memories of it. Looking forward to seeing your creations soon! :) xx

  2. Carina, dear, thank you so much for the tag! I will be sure to do this in my next post. This place sounds lovely and I have this hinting feeling that I have been there before.. though, I'm not sure - I'm not too familiar with Fremantle, because it's so far away, but I do love the history there and try to visit when I can. This was a great post :) And don't apologise, dear, it's understandable! I hope year 11 is going well for you, :) xxxx

  3. ooh i can't wait to see your top and skirt, it's nice to read another post from you :)
    argh tell me about the perfectionist, i'm having the problem right now, i'm trying to do a water colour wash on a background in my sketch book and it's not even ahhh! <3

  4. I'm really glad that you're back! That cafe looks gorgeous - I've got something similer near me :)

  5. My dear friend,
    I love this entry. It's filled with a plenty of things I enjoy.
    This café seems just wonderful. I haven't found such a precious one yet, but still travel around waiting for it.
    You are so sweet.

    Love, Hannah

    P.S.: I'm obsessed with baking, too! I made six cakes last week!!

  6. What a lovely cafe! It seems like the perfect place to write one's first novel while sipping coffee on an early summer day.


  7. Aw thank you for the tag! The cafe looks lovely, im getting all hungry!
    Flossie xx

  8. that looks like a lovely cafe, really pretty from the outside too!

    happy valentine's my dear. :)

    i know how bad it is to be a perfectionist at sometimes too, because i'm pretty much just like you! but y'know, certain things are much better after our touch of perfection.

    have a lovely day! x

  9. Aww, that looks so lovely! I've never been to a tea room before, it'd be nice though!! :D <3

  10. I have some places like that, that foster kind memories for me. Sounds like a nice cafe to visit too x

  11. i would like to go in there :)♥

    belated happy valentines, dear :)

  12. cant wait to see the pictures. I love going out for scones too- but here in australia everywhere only seems to serve them with wipped cream, not the AMAZING clotted cream that you get in england. (but maybe thats a good thing or I would be eating them every day). you should put up some of your watercolour pictures. Happy V day! xo

  13. That place sounds so lovely, the old photos on the walls is a very nice touch :) you must post some more water colours soon!