I love you as certain dark things are loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul

Jumper & Skirt: Dotti| Beret: Morgan & Taylor| Boots: Betts| Key: gifted 
Every now and again, the dreamy and helplessly romantic adolescent in me requires nourishment in the form of cliche chick 
lit novels. Just the other day I finished reading  Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and it definitely satisfied my inner, giddy teenage self. As much as I do adore classics, I always find it nice to settle down to an easy read, one that you can get totally lost in. The novel is typically formulaic of most reads in the genre; a teenage girl from America moves to study in France for a year against her own wishes, and of course, falls in love with a handsome guy who is unfortunately off limits. As if my affinity with the idea of studying overseas in France wasn't already bad enough, the swoon worthy love interest of Anna, Etienne St. Claire, makes me want to hop on a plane right this moment, fly to Paris and pursue my own perfect British/American and French speaking gentleman. Despite the fact i found this novel sufficiently cheesy (but hey, who doesn't love a bit of good 'ol cheese?) it was one of the most enjoyable reads I have had in a long while, and what set it apart from other YA novels I have read was the depth of each character who I came to love. So today, as a result of this novel filling my head with dreamy Parisian scenarios, I felt inspired to don my beret and stripey jumper. Oui Oui!

What have you been reading lately? I would love to know. Yesterday I picked up a copy of Anna Karenina at the library; I'm sure it will keep me occupied for a while... Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S I recently added Instagram to my list of places you can find me, my account name is Carina_maree_m.
P.P.S This is stunning...


  1. You look very French. I have just finished The Help I loved it. The book was so much better than the movie.

  2. I read Anna and The French Kiss not long ago too! And just finished The Help also and now I'm reading Revolution by Jennifer Donelly for the third time round. It's a wonderful book. You look lovely here, I adore your necklace.\
    X Jane


  3. Oh you look so pretty <3 I love a good chick lit every now and then. I definitely recommend "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon :) I will try and find you on Instagram, I am Coldknees. xxx

  4. I love classics as well, but like you say, an easy read is always great!! You look gorgeous, what a lovely jumper!!



  5. This is so pretty! The lighting is simply magical and your whole outfit is perfectly Paris-themed.
    xx Maria
    P.S: I'm very envious of your hair! <3
    P.P.S: That video at the end is wonderful. I would love to roam around Paris in an outfit that sweet.

  6. you lock like a little french girl, so lovely and beautifull... love it...

  7. Love how you've styled this outfit x

  8. wow, first time we stumbled upon your blog, AMAZING. our type of blog B). and yesh we do love a bit of chic lit, Sarra Manning's 'nobody's girl' has that girl in Paris theme too. (: x

  9. simply gorgeous!! xx


  10. Gorgeous outfit!

  11. lovely blog!


  12. That key is amazing! I love your outfit :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}